Enriched with cricket powder, QIBAO products are ideal for people who want to eat healthily and protect our planet!

Pure protein and delicious too
Waffle and cookies Qibao

Qibao is now offereing its first protein snack

Logos Cricket Waffle & Cricket Cookies

“Dare to try the natural taste of energy”

Eating crickets is sustainable!

20 x

less water

100 x

fewer greenhouse

14 x

less space

while also
4 x

less feed

to obtain the same amount of beef!

is an age-old practice. In fact, one-third of the world's population already eats insects. Why not us too ?
Entomophagy* is the only solution
to feed the world
in 2050

Figures and recommendations put forward by FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation) are unequivocal.
By 2050, there will be nine billion people on the planet, and we will have to produce twice as much food!

Consuming insects will become indispensable.

* the consumption of insects by humans.

Crickets are little bombs of goodness


than beef


than milk


than spinach

Products Qibao

Logo Cricket Waffle

A sweet treat unlike any other. Packed with protein, it really hits the spot.

Cricket Cookies Qibao

Discover our range of delicious Cricket Cookies flavoured with Belgian dark chocolate with Bourbon vanilla, Earl Grey tea, and Spéculoos.

Cricket Cookies with chocolate, thé Earl Grey and Speculoos of Saint-Nicolas

Cricket power

Qibao has chosen to use crickets as a raw material as it is exceptionally rich in protein and low in fat