Our vision ?

To enable large numbers of the public to access a high-quality protein packed food that tastes great and that meets the food standards expected by our customers.

Cricket Powder


We are a group of people keen to protect our environment who, following a trip to Thailand, became aware of the importance of entomophagy in the human diet and who want to encourage sustainable and responsible consumption.


To share the benefits of cricket protein with Western consumers, as well as the enjoyment and well-being it brings.


By developing and selling innovative, delicious and environmentally-friendly foods containing cricket protein.

QIBAO is first

and foremost

motivated by deep-rooted values

During a trip to Thailand, our President and Co-Founder, Michel Coibion, discovered the importance of entomophagy in human food.

In 2018 the HealthYnsect team formed to introduce the benefits of cricket proteins to the Western world with the aim of never forgetting that eating is, and must remain, a pleasure !

HealthYnsect was set up in February 2018 and is active in the field of entomophagy through the development of a range of food products enriched with cricket protein and the implementation of a Research and Development program aimed at:

  • Meeting the expectations of the FAO;
    Analyzing and limiting toxicological, microbiological and allergic risks;
  • Finding alternative cricket powder manufacturing processes that optimize protein content and maintain the quality of nutrients of the whole cricket;
  • Correlating the results of research and analysis of products with the Novel Food Directive, which requires the filing and acceptance of a solid scientific dossier before marketing insect-based products.

HealthYnsect is also a member of BIIF (Belgian Insect Industry Federation)

Our values

HealthYnsect’s objective is to become a significant player of the food sector in order to provide consumers access to a high quality protein diet that benefits from high organoleptic properties. Our products meet the highest food safety and quality standards, and we promote a sustainable economy by participating in fair trade agreements with our suppliers and promote sustainable energy practices.

High quality

protein food

Our proprietary cricket powder (“Acheta domesticus”) has been refined to obtain a concentrate that is more water-soluble, has a neutral smell, and retains natural properties, including a high protein content that sets an industry standard.



HealthYnsect’s cricket powder is refined using a proprietary method that allows it to be introduced into our manufacturing process without altering the taste and texture of our products.


the values of fair trade

We help a network of cricket farms in Thailand comply with GAP (“Good Agricultural Practices”) standards. These are small units, often family-run, from which we buy either the crickets or the flour at a fair price. This assistance allows farms to reach superior quality levels and to have access to international markets.

Poudre de grillons
is an age-old practice. In fact, one-third of the world's population already eats insects. Why not us too ?
Sustainable economy

The climate of Southeast Asian countries makes it possible – WITHOUT any external supply

Food Safety

After starting HealthYnsect we began research in Belgium and Thailand to understand the components of cricket powder and the potential toxicity of the crickets flour. We’re now creating a network of cricket farms in Thailand that meet GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards and are working with a Thai university to create healthy and balanced food intended for our cricket farms. Once developed this food will be produced organically.

Why cricket protein ?

In 2013, the FAO published a report entitled “Edible insects – Prospects for food security and animal feed”, which recommends integrating edible insects into human food to reduce the environmental impact of our food consumption while offering a quality diet, rich in proteins and minerals.

One of the most environmentally responsible sources of protein in the world is cricket powder. To produce the same amount of edible material as beef, the cricket needs 24 times less food, 2,000 times less water and produces 100 times less greenhouse gases.

A huge difference when we consider that the livestock sector generates as many greenhouse gases as the transport sector and monopolizes two thirds of the cultivated areas of the planet.

In addition, cricket powder contains a large number of vitamins and minerals.

Our project is part of these new food trends, shared by a growing segment of the population wishing to eat differently, with greater respect for nature and stakeholders in the agricultural world.

Why cricket protein ?